How To Make Your Own Web SiteHow To Make Your Own Web Site

You can create your own web page with the free programs and information that you find here. You can download the programs and start using them immediately. They are packed with help keys and tips and there is a ton of tutorials online for you to get your questions answered. Start your own webpage today!
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Now you can find simple tutorials, programs and tips to help you create your own web page. There are many features to learn about, but we will point you to the easiest steps.

You can follow these tutorials to make a special project for school or to impress your friends. There is a lot of information so, go slow, enjoy, and learn new things as you build your website.

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Webpage Designs


Coffee Cup HTML editor Coffee Cup HTML web page editor and FTP uploader.

H T M L stands for Hyper Text Mark Up Language which is the actual name of the "code" you are moving around and changing to make your web page.

F T P stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the initials for the program you will use to upload your files to the web server where you have space.

The Coffee Cup Editor should be the basic tool you will use to edit the "code" that makes up your web page. It is easy to learn and is filled with special features that will help you out. There is extensive help available with help screens, tutorials and instructions for you to use to learn how to edit the HTML code.

sample for you to see

Download Coffee Cup Free

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GIMP GIMP is a free graphics program that will help you make and edit images for your web page. You pick your pictures and GIMP will show you how to edit them. It is very easy to use and learning GIMP has tons of tutorials and help screens. Read and follow the directions carefully.

Go slow and learn well. You can always "GOOGLE" search for more information.

Download GIMP Free

( If you hover your mouse over the little pictures you will get more information about what is going on. You will see these little "tooltips" as you move around our web site. )


Internet Resources

Free Web site hosters and Internet Service Providers Use the Free web page providers below.

These sources are just the tip of the iceberg. You can sign up for a free web page and upload your new web page that you have created or you could use the tools that are provided by these companies. Some are easier than others.

But you want to learn how to make your own! The settings at your chosen web page provider will be needed by the FTP program inside your HTML editor. Like (Log ON) and (PASSWORD) and the actual (address) where the web space provider is.

Many of these providers have easy to make web pages, but they are usually filled with ads and limited tools. If you make your own webpage, you should be able to upload to one of these free services.

Below is also a list of some cool places to get free graphics and pictures and clipart for your GIMP image editing program.

changing graphics and pictures for your web page

Free Web Space Providers

50 webs
Google Site
Free Servers

Graphics and Images for Free

Free Everything!
Clip Art
The Free Site

Web Page Resources

control panel for templates

Use the resources below to find information about tutorials and web page design help. There is a lot of information here so take a little time to explore and find something you find easy to use. Look around these websites to find the best help that makes sense to you.

Once you have a template and a tutorial picked out, use your Coffee Cup HTML or other editor to load up. Be sure to read all the help screens and don't be frustrated. Make a change in your template and see how that change affected the layout of your web page.

After a short time you will find that you want to explore further and add more pictures, links, and other favorite items to your web page design. Be expressive. Be Bold. It's your webpage. Make it special.

Places to find tutorials to help you with your web site

Web Page Design and Templates

Open Designs
Open Web
Web Site Design
Web Page Design
Easy Templates
Kids Net

Web Page tutorials for free

Echo Echo
Basic Code
Ask Annabella
Make a Web Page
How To
Easy Web Page
How Stuff Works
The Site Wizard
Page Tutor


W H A T -- D O -- I -- D O ?

First Aid For your web page Basic Help of how to make and edit a web page.
A small basic tutorial.

sample for you to see

HTML code Tutorial or ezbasics.html are excellent places to start for learning about how to make your first web page.

It may seem to be to hard to get started but this tutorial and the ones on the INFO page will be a great resource for you. Don't worry about the <TAGS> and funny characters. Your Coffee Cup HTML editor will look like some of the pictures in the tutorials and should be able to give you a "blank" start page so you can learn as you go.

Don't Forget -- hit the < F1 > key or the help button inside your program for more.

Source Document
(how the code looks)
Web Page
(your web page)


<title> The Title </title>

<img src="cat.jpg">
I will <b>link</b> to
<a href="">




I will link to Google

It will be easier for you to learn if you "just do it." You can't really hurt anything.

Make a change and then look at your web page in your browser. See what is different. Learn to watch what goes on, and before long, you will be ready to upload your first web page!



Frequently Asked Questions -- F.A.Q.

Be an expert and get all your questions answered

How safe is this?
How do I find free Web space?
I need HELP with GIMP.
I need HELP with Coffee Cup HTML.
What is a domain name?
What is SEO?
Where are free graphics and pictures?
How can I get my web page noticed?
How do I put in a picture?
What is a tool tip?
What tutorials do you recommend?
How do I load a template ?

How do I find free web space? - You need a space to "park" your web page. You will need this information when you "upload" your finished web site. You can visit the links on the info page. You can also find many free web site spaces by doing a Google search. These free web page providers also come with "make it yourself" programs to help you get started. Make sure you hit the "FREE" button on these sites...sometimes they are hard to find and all you can really see is a "paid" website. Look around. Explore. They are Free and Fun. - top -

I need HELP with GIMP. - on line manual is the place to go for all the information you need on GIMP. There is also an online help book and links to other cool GIMP tutorials. Other sources are: Gimp  - top -

I need HELP with Coffee Cup HTML - The free Coffee Cup HTML is the easiest to use while learning about code for web pages. There are lots of tutorials and help screens, plus the "in program" help section. We are not really endorsing Coffee Cup, it is just the easiest and most feature rich program we can find for you. - top -

sample coffee cup editor screen

What is a domain name? - A domain name is the or that sends your browser to that place on the internet. Some of the free service providers we told you about may give you a free domain name. You can always BUY a domain name and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for less than $10 per month. We recommend Pow web .com that has unlimited options for only $7.77 per month.  - top -

What is SEO? - Search Engine Submission is very costly for most web pages. We give you a list that you can submit your webpage to that is totally FREE. You shouldn't pay for SEO, unless you really have a business to bring customers to.  - top -

Where are free graphics and pictures? - We give you a short list of free graphics and clip art sites to visit. You can find tons more on the internet with a Google search. - top -

How can I get my web page noticed? - Like the SEO question above, we give you a small list of absolutely free places to submit your web page to so that when people do a web search they can find web pages related to the same subject as yours. - top -

How do I put in a picture? - Use your graphics program to select and insert a graphic into your website. Each program is different for saving your graphics and your HTML editor has a button to insert a picture anywhere. - top -

What is a tool tip? - If you hover your mouse over some of the icon graphics on our website you will get a little "popup" window that gives further information and "tips" These little Tool Tips are very helpful when you might be a little confused about what is going on at our webpage. - top -

What tutorials do you recommend - We have researched many places on the internet and the links to the tutorials we have displayed are some of the very best tutorials you can find. Feel free to search around or get recommendations from your teachers or friends to find the tutorial that makes more sense to you. - top -

How safe is this? - These programs and websites that we recommend are 99% safe. Always check with a grown-up before you attempt to start your web page. There are safe kid web page agencies that you can find more information: Safe Surf or Kid Sites We are proud to wear the logo of the Child and Internet Watchdog associations. - top -

How do I load a template? - Once you have found a template from one of the source links listed with us and you know where you saved it to your hard drive, this is easy if you are using the Coffee Cup HTML editor. - top -

? - . - top -

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